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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Magic Voice And Sid

Today we are presenting the Magic Voice and Sid speech synthesis module that accepts the computer's audio out and mixes its speech output with it independent of the SID, based on a custom chip (apparently the Toshiba T6721A) developed by the actual engineers of the legendary Texas Instruments' Speak and Spell family of teaching toys.

It contains a built-in vocabulary of 235 utterances in a female voice, but what I am really fond of is not the expansion itself, but the beautiful poetry that she can come out with (what kind of demo is this ???? Second paragraph is intense):

"...Please turn on the yellow computers,but I like the blue ones more. What is your third name, thank you.I do not like that question,sorry. Enter key disk and run program.

Everything is out of control here. You are a good commander. Find out where the CYAN CURSOR may be. She is pleasing you with words on tape, she is coloring into black light,she is writing numbers and letters. I am pointing out is is not a game. All right, are you ready for the start. If x is sixteen or y is sixtyfour.Press any key for help or smal talk. Then you have to start all over again..."

listen to the real thing.

the manual

full article


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