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Monday, August 22, 2005

Welle:Erdball are true c64 heads

Check out this German electro band that uses commodores live and in the studio. Their site has a whole section about the c64, interviews, sound samples and a videoclip I havent checked yet, oh! and some c64 disk images. If im correct, they are releasing a new album next month.

"... Our relation to the C-64 puts us without any intention on the border of grandiloquence. The Commodore C-64 is just not a child of the 80s, it is not just a little home computer with 0.98 MHz und 0.064 MB RAM, it is not just a game console You can play Pac Man, Wizard of Wor, Space Invaders or Winter Games on. No, it is in it´s minimalistic soul the best media to let all Your visions come true. No matter if it comes to programming, to compose music, to "pixel" pictures or to write poems.

You do not have many apparent options from the beginning in the C-64, but most people will not let themselves get disrupted in their process by this. The computer is a little prison, in which You soon will bump into one or another wall. But You will be content in Your creative work when You overcome those walls. In many modern devices, You might never even see the walls... "

4 real !!!

go for it!


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