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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Some comments on SID COMPO V

Now that the Sid Compo V is running i'd like to comment the tunes that are already online, I'm only going to comment those that catched my attention, this is just my personal opinion and I'm not involved in any way with this competition. It's not even a full review.

These are the four songs I prefer right now, each one has things I really like, let's see how the others are when they come in... still 2 weeks to go.

interesting tune with a nice buildup, yeah... cool break in the middle with some triplets based breaks, the way I like them, the end is also quite rocking. yeah. wicked end. The end does it for me.. like it a lot. good one. Some cool sounds.

Assatas Song
awesome tune with some very cool instruments and a wicked bassline. yeah the reversed muted break.. Enjoying this one. going through 2 minutes it doubles speed going into drum&bass mode and then comes back to it's original speed.. hmm yeah.. very nice arrangements..

Poetry of a lonely mind
I'm a great fan of noise and leftfield music, love it.. a bit short perhaps or does my Sidplayer not play it correctly ?

very cool, wicked beats.. sometimes reminds me of Weather Report. the change at 2.59 changes direction though with a total change in sound with the introduction of a new bass instrument.. that suddenly brings the tune to it's end skipping, like these vinyls that loop the end. A bit short that end...



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