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Saturday, February 25, 2006

64 ways to chill in the sun...

Yo peepz, will be back tomorrow, spent 2 amazing chilled weeks in Malaga, Spain.. no emails, no phone, nothing, just chilling with the cats.... and making music of course.

I will only say: PROPHET64... it's here.. yes.... sweet... let's swallow it.... see you soon... tomorrow back to Berlin.

The Editor

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Play MP3s on the Commodore 64

MP3@64 makes it possible for the Commodore 64 to playback MP3 files in CD quality.

As an expansion to MMC64, Oliver Achten has finished his second product. Individual Computers is proud to produce this gadget as well: The MP3-module uses a DSP for MP3-decoding and a separate DA-converter with 20 bits resolution for best audio quality.

The output comes either through two Cinch connectors, or through a CD-audio connector that's also used by CD-rom or DVD-rom units. Even with output being possible on active speakers, we recommend using good HiFi equipment, so the excellent audio quality can actually be heard.

This has already been proven at the scene-party tUM*05 [1]: During the party which was co-sponsored by individual Computers, the "streamed music competition" was played back on a C64. The maximum bitrate of 320kbit was used by several entries to that competition, and MP3@64 has played them back with no problems.

MP3@64 is available right now, and costs 49,- EUR(*) or $59

Individual Computers

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