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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I was waiting for this email to arrive, I found this band ages ago, but I needed a bit more info on how they use the Commodore 64 in their setup, so I emailed them before posting anything. Finally I was told that my email was lost somewhere in the spam folder. Yuck ! Well anyways, here comes the story finally.

64Chaos are Drjin_51 and Yuki Luke and they are from France and Japan, living in Lille, France. They have released online the fantastic mp3 EP "Time-S" which include 4 songs, one of them instrumental (Zeburaman rocks!!!!) I'm quite impressed with them, I just love to hear new bands coming out with Commodore 64 sounds. And this one is quite cool I must say... Hopefully we hear some more of 64Chaos soon !
"...we use the c64 with a very intuitive piece of software known as Prophet 64, this allow you to use the sid as you would use an analog synth or beatbox, joystick or potentiometer controlled.

We use a microsync to midi sync the prophet 64 patterns with other gears as we also use Nintendo Nes or Famicom, gameboys ataris or bent toys. We also use a pc ;)..."



Monday, May 22, 2006

talking with Desert Planet...

Desert Planet just returned home in Lapland from their tour in Germany.

At their gig in Berlin, we had a chance to hook up with them for a while, I had the pleasure of having a very interesting talk with Jari and Jukka about the current 8-bit electronica scene.

Bands like Desert Planet, don't need to use Commodore 64's live on stage, they could though if they wanted, they take the approach on the conceptual level, like saying chip music, is the root for this kind of electronica, like what Jazz & Funk is to Hip Hop. It's all about the roots, and this is only the beginning...

Desert Planet for example are using Commodore 64 and other 8-bit and arcade coin-op games audio samples on their set and play live with some custom programmed software and a pair of casio keyboards. They rocked us out with their usual epic spacedisco set with some new tracks like 'Dragon Bump' plus some covers like "Star Wars" and "Ghost'n'Goblins" in pure spacedisco mode of course. Live video was mixed by Antti, who delighted us with some wicked 8-bit pixeled goodness in motion (loved the aerobics bit maaan!)

Thanks duuudes!

Desert Planet @ BASTARD (Berlin) 19.5.2006

desert planet

9pm records


Magic Voice anyone ?

Well check the great site that Stefan Uhlmann is creating (in german) about the Magic Voice Speech Module, you will find lots of info, files, sound clips, screenshots, scanned manual and other magazine articles that he is been collecting. Basically everything there exists on the net about it and related. Well done.

I'd like to point out a few things of the site like the fantastic 13 page scanned PDF article "Tune up your Commodore for the sounds of your life" of the RUN Magazine / April 1984 issue, and the strange p0rn track "Come" from the Magic Voice sampling CD. Intense.


Magic Voice Speech Module site

after the TinySID comes...

After the TinySID music competition comes the BigSID competition. In this case a composer must use one decided tracker/editor and compose a piece of the tune so another composer can take that piece and make more arrangements on top. The chain would continue until one BigSID is done.

Competition ends the 2nd December 2006.


BigSID competition

Monday, May 08, 2006

Treewave Live Footage

Rockin' hard at Signal Operators, an audio-visual intermedia art microfestival.


Paul Slocum's C64 live setup

For those who don't know, Paul Slocum is the man behind Cynthcart, a cartridge that turns your Commodore 64 into a Synthesizer, playable with the keys or the classic keyboard overlay. You can order it with a socketed EPROM, so it's easy to upgrade.

Paul also plays with his band Treewave and their drummer is a dot matrix printer. This is apparently how his live setup looks like.

Rad !

Photo by Quasimondo.


Some 8bit MAYhem!

This is the tracklisting of the new 8bit Mayhem episode #06 . Enjoy!

Lords of Sonics - Birthday (1988)
Softmaster/Union - Illusion (1990)
JCH & MSK/Vibrants - Accident (1990)
PVCF/Reflex - Mathematica (tune 2) (1995)
Steve Rowlands - Retrogade (Selector Tune) (1989)
Roel Bosch/Focus - Head & Hat (1991)
Bappalander/Light - Brutality (tune 4)(1991)
Linus/Triad - 8580 People (2005)
maktone/Fairlight - Dancin'(Axis of Evil) (2005)
Zardax/Origo Dreamline - Llatune (1991)

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