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Monday, May 22, 2006

talking with Desert Planet...

Desert Planet just returned home in Lapland from their tour in Germany.

At their gig in Berlin, we had a chance to hook up with them for a while, I had the pleasure of having a very interesting talk with Jari and Jukka about the current 8-bit electronica scene.

Bands like Desert Planet, don't need to use Commodore 64's live on stage, they could though if they wanted, they take the approach on the conceptual level, like saying chip music, is the root for this kind of electronica, like what Jazz & Funk is to Hip Hop. It's all about the roots, and this is only the beginning...

Desert Planet for example are using Commodore 64 and other 8-bit and arcade coin-op games audio samples on their set and play live with some custom programmed software and a pair of casio keyboards. They rocked us out with their usual epic spacedisco set with some new tracks like 'Dragon Bump' plus some covers like "Star Wars" and "Ghost'n'Goblins" in pure spacedisco mode of course. Live video was mixed by Antti, who delighted us with some wicked 8-bit pixeled goodness in motion (loved the aerobics bit maaan!)

Thanks duuudes!

Desert Planet @ BASTARD (Berlin) 19.5.2006

desert planet

9pm records



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