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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another MIDIbox SID is born...

...Due to never-ending questions regarding the advantages of this microcontroller based project, I'm forced to write more explicitely: The MIDIbox SID has been designed to get sounds out of the SID which cannot be achieved with other solutions. In difference to programs that are running on the C64 like the Triad MIDIslave, AnyWare M64 or the Prophet64, MIDIbox SID features more software implemented high-resolution modulation sources (LFOs, EGs), independent sound engines for all 3 voices and a low-latency MIDI interface (no note drops...) - these capabilities can only be realized with a CPU that runs much faster than the 6502. In difference to the PC based HardSID, MIDIbox SID features a higher refresh rate (from the HardSID functional description: "up to 500Hz refresh rate - very low latency. No other SID synth can compare to the HardSID Synth" they oversaw that the non-PC solution MIDIbox SID has an update rate of 1220 Hz! ;-). In addition, MIDIbox SID provides real live playing feeling and unique add-ons like the modulation matrix, complex, chord based arpeggiator textures, CV outputs for analog extensions and the subtle control surface of course...

more on the MIDIbox


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