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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

happy SID mashup appears !

Seems like the mashup idea is getting into the Commodore 64 scene, here is a friend of ours called ComputadoraFeliz, the track features a mashup of several SIDs into one crazy ass mix ! He won't let me know how he did it... obviously outside a commodore 64... He says it's just an experiment really and that it's unknown if he will continue working on this idea of mixing C64 tunes. Maybe if we motivate him ?

Although some samples have been timestretched, I've been able to spot samples from the theme songs of Arkanoid, BMX Kids, California Games, Commando, Game Over, Herobotix and thats about it really, there is some demoscene music I know but dont know the names of the tunes , any more samples spotted ?? Leave in the comments if you can recall any of the samples.


listen to the banana SID mix here:

Smells Like 64

From the UK comes Smells Like 64, a rough experiment - essentially a bunch of Commodore 64 tunes made by various SID Artists, slightly tweaked & chopped, with acapellas of popular songs stuck onto them. Credit & Respect due to all artists referenced in these

tracks released:

Coolio -VS- Shapie "Gangster's Paradise"
Linkin Park "Numb" -VS- Guy Shavitt "Sidchip Music Score 12"
eiffel65 "blue" -VS- Alien "yeah yeah wow wow"
eminem "without me" -VS- Wuiti "ghosts & goblins" theme remix
limp bizkit "nookie" -VS- PCH "tears don't lie" (orig. by mark oh, who nicked melody anyway)
spice girls "spice up your life -VS- Tonka "spice up your life - photon death"
black eyed peas "hump" -VS- Giuseppe Musardo "shuffle" (song3)
beyonce "check up on it" -VS- Amadeus "klumpnaek"




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