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Monday, March 05, 2007

Authentic SID Collection (SOASC=) Project

The SOASC= project is an automated recording technique invented by Stein Eikesdal (Stone Oakvalley) in order to mass record music from the legendary Commodore 64 and its SID chips (6581 and 8580) into mp3 files.

The goal is to record the entire HVSC SID collection played from REAL Commodore 64's (both old and new) as per collection #45 (April 17 2006.) With PSID64 as the REAL C64 player and 64HHD as fileserver, it all connects to multiple PC's with own tailored software.

Also, a strong point to consider in this project is that ALL SIDs are recorded on both Commodore SID chip models regardless of what HVSC or the author of the SID had recommended. Remember: There are people out there that probably NEVER heard the elite sound of the 6581 and its sample/filter defects, but only the sound of 8580 and viceversa.
Actual SID Chips used for recording are: MOS 6581R4 3387 14 and C= CSG 8580R5 2689 25

If it crackles and pops....well..it's the true and authentic sound of a real Commodore 64!

This is what we had in the past, and now the past will be the present for all Commodore 64 fans out there.

It is called AUTHENTIC because the process will NOT attempt to enhance any of the recordings, it is recorded straight plain out from the mono Commodore 64 Audio/Video connector. No stereo, no funny mixes, no compression, no filtering, no remix, no software noise reduction, no crazy SID hacks or other unatural Commodore 64 elements.

If there is a poppy click in the recording its supposed to be there. The SID chip is unique as should be treated as so as well.

The final MP3 (224kbps, mono, 44100Hz) will contain all information from the SID itself, sorted in respect of the directory structure as defined by HVSC. Filenaming, title, author, copyright etc.

This is a quick movie showing the outline of the actual recording taking place during the 4 month period of Commodore 64 authenthic recording project.

ALL of HVSC's SID files recorded to MP3. For both the 6581 and 8580 chip....90000+ of files. 400GB in size, world's ONLY and LARGEST archive now and forever....


Check out the website www.6581-8580.com for in-depth information and also the tunes (when completed) ready for download!

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