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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rare ISA card with SID chip from 1989 !

Check this one out, The Innovation SSI 2001 is an ISA card that had as a synth the rare MOS/CSG 6582 "SID"... Apparently it is today almost impossible to find one.. Good luck finding one !!!

here is the original announcement post from the old Fidonet boards...

From: George.Heymann
Newsgroups: rec.music.synth
Subject: Innovation Music Synthesizer
Date: 26 Apr 89 03:40:00 GMT

=== Innovation Computer Corporation ===
(C) 1989 George H. Heymann

The Innovation SSI-2001 sound board is a half-height, plug-in,expansion card that will fit in any IBM and compatible personal computers. This includes the PC, XT, AT, 386, and the PS/2 model 30. The board uses the Commodore 6582 Sound Interface Device (SID) chip, which is a 3-Voice electronic music synthesizer/sound effects generator. The sound board has a 15 pin game port for
joysticks, which has the capability of supporting two joysticks with a "Y" connector (The joysticks, and Y connector are not included with the package). It also has a RCA jack for headphones or an amp, so that the sound can be played through your home stereo system. The board also has 3 banks of jumpers that enable or disable the joystick port, control the joystick sensitivity (nice feature), and the sound port address, if any I/O port conflicts occur.

Innovation claims that installing a second sound board in the computer and connecting them to a stereo amplifier and headphones will give you pseudo stereo sound. I suggest you take the output of the board, and feed it into both the left and right channel inputs of your amp. This should have the same effect, and of course be much less expensive.

Innovation currently has third party software support from Microprose and Spectrum Holobyte. Kris Backhaus, Sound Sales Director for Innovation says " I have been working closely with software companies and can guarantee at least four new games by fall". "I can also say tentatively at this time that at least five new companies are working with our board". Unfortunately, Kris could not disclose the names of these companies, at this time. Innovation seems focused at becoming the standard, and has stated that "We will do what it takes, to become the standard". Innovation seems very sincere in their wish to accomplish this goal. Innovation, by using a sound chip like the Commodore Sid chip have designed a very simple way to convert music, or sound effects for the Commodore computers to the MS-Dos, based machines. This will save time, and money for software developers who can then easily port these routines between machines.



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