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Saturday, November 17, 2007

MyMidi - Turn your C64 into a MIDI synth!

This looks fantastic, I'd like to try it out although I have no MIDI interface for my C64.

MyMidi sends the data of your MIDI controller to your screen and to the SID chip.. hooray.. sound parameters are fully controllable by the C64 keyboard. check it out!



Thursday, November 15, 2007


This is fantastic Anders. It is exactly what I want right now.You Packed it.Thanks.I give it a 10/10 and even better.. I declare it (for your press reviews haha) BEST C64 EXPERIMENTAL STUFF OF THE YEAR. YESSS!


WALLPAPER JAM is live improvisation with one c-64, 30 patterns of notes and 16 instruments that was programmed before the improvisation. it was made for the opening of coda museum's wallpaper exhibition in the netherlands, september 2007. i performed the music and raquel meyers did the visuals, based on wallpapers. TECHNOPARTY15MIN was made in 15 minutes. then i pressed record and jammed with what i had done. CANNIBAL ANIMAL was made in renoise while chatting about cannibal animals. DRUNKEN AMBIENT is a good night of c64-jamming through some effects. no re-recording, pure error style. WALLPAPER EXTRABOY REMIX was actually started before WALLPAPER JAM but then turned into a remix. yeah yeah wow wow.

01 cannibal animal
02 drunken ambient
03 wallpaper jam
04 technoparty15min
05 wallpaper extraboy remix

download it!
II: http://www.iimusic.net

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

C64 Boys Boys Boys

pure C64 digibliss from 1988! Posted by DaddlerTL
The demo was made by DDG (Digitize Design Group). The sound is quite good for the C64. The little background noise is because the sound volume of the demo is very low so the noise gets amplified if the volume is turned up.

From 3:00 I tested the special effects which can be triggered by pressing restore.

I ran the demo on my real C64 and recorded the output with my TV card - NO emulator was used !


excuse me, you said 8 SID chips ?

This is probably the first video of a midibox MB-6582 project that contains 8 commodore 64 SID synthesis chips.

Visit http://www.midibox.org/ for more information on open source, community built synthesizers, sequencers, and other midi projects.

okay !


Nice modded C64 for Prophet

Yes, as the title indicates, Mr.7jen shows off his nicely modded Commodore64 with a mini LCD display that if I understood right doesnt have an extra powersupply.

nice one!


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