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Thursday, November 15, 2007


This is fantastic Anders. It is exactly what I want right now.You Packed it.Thanks.I give it a 10/10 and even better.. I declare it (for your press reviews haha) BEST C64 EXPERIMENTAL STUFF OF THE YEAR. YESSS!


WALLPAPER JAM is live improvisation with one c-64, 30 patterns of notes and 16 instruments that was programmed before the improvisation. it was made for the opening of coda museum's wallpaper exhibition in the netherlands, september 2007. i performed the music and raquel meyers did the visuals, based on wallpapers. TECHNOPARTY15MIN was made in 15 minutes. then i pressed record and jammed with what i had done. CANNIBAL ANIMAL was made in renoise while chatting about cannibal animals. DRUNKEN AMBIENT is a good night of c64-jamming through some effects. no re-recording, pure error style. WALLPAPER EXTRABOY REMIX was actually started before WALLPAPER JAM but then turned into a remix. yeah yeah wow wow.

01 cannibal animal
02 drunken ambient
03 wallpaper jam
04 technoparty15min
05 wallpaper extraboy remix

download it!
II: http://www.iimusic.net


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