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Thursday, February 21, 2008

MUSICVIDEO_Il Creatore "Dei Pupazzi"

Following the paths of Florian Schneider, Telex and Hubbard comes Il Creatore, this musician based in Rome published three albums full of Vocoder, Sidstation and C64 vibes. Here goes the video "Dei pupazzi" from "Animali da riproduzione".


published by iperuranoaddizioni

HyperSID synthesizer

I'm not really sure now, but I think among all the SID based synths I've checked out I've never seen this one so here it goes.

The HyperSID, a Subtractive Hardware Synthesizer based on the C64 SID Chip, you control it via MIDI and also with a custom built VSTi that controls all the parameters in the synth. You will find documentation and downloads in the official website.


- 3 OSC per key (Monophonic)
- 1 OSC per key (3 Voice polyphonic)
- 4 Waveforms per OSC Tri , Saw ,Noise, Pulse (combinatorial)
- OSC transpose range +36 to -36 Semitone
- OSC cent range -50 to +50 Cent
- OSC ring modulation
- 3 Amp Envelope ADSR
- Multimode analog filter 12dB/Octave HP , LP , BP and (combinatorial)
- 1 LFO Part with sync , retrig and invert capability
- 1 Step LFO Part with sync , retrig and invert capability
- 2 General purpose envelope generator with invert capability
- Individual routing for each modulation source
- 88 Parameter for controlling overall synthesizer (automation recordable)
- Flexible preset manager with save and load function
- Built in 64 categorized Factory preset .
- Clean sound without any Self oscillating in most of the Presets
- Automatic real time synchronization between software and hardware
- Independent MIDI out path from host
- Very low CPU usage



RELEASE_Josstintimberlake "Qetasid"

A complete datamongo on the SID is Josstintimberlake on his latest release through Kittenrock. If you need a way to confuse a computer just play this release.




C64.sk Cover Music Compo #1

Alright... the first cover compo by C64.sk is over and now you can download the finalists tracks in mp3, sid, prg.... The results will be published soon.

this way http://www.6581.org/cmc1/


Saturday, February 09, 2008

MUSICVIDEO_escape hawaii "is this everything"

Commodore 64 Cynthcart: Syncing a filter sequencer to LSDJ

Using a similar setup to the previous post, it is quite simple to build / add a sequencer section for standalone operation. Furthermore, if this sequencer is clocked using an external source (such as... LSDJ!) then it can be quickly synchronised to other sources of music.

The program Cynthcart is running on the Commodore 64. The filter is usually controlled by a paddle control in real time. However, it is easy also to sequence the filter frequency using some cheap IC's.

In this case, the speed of the sequencer is controlled by the master clock sync output from LSDJ running on the Gameboy.


via little-scale blog.

Auto filter interface for C64 using Arduino

I have been recently enjoying the exquisite stuff that Sebastian Tomczak is posting through his little-scale blog, lots of cool chip-data-hacking action for your brain.

One of the latest is this great arduino based idea, a software / hardware combo that allows for control of the analog filter inside a Commodore 64 that is running Cynthcart from a host computer (eg, Macbook, PC).

• 16-step filter sequencer
• Set the speed of the filter sequence (with intervals between values reaching 2ms)
• Set the length of the sequence from 1 to 16 beats
• Offset value allows for shifting the filter values up or down on a larger scale
• MIDI mode allows sending data directly to control the filter (this mode disables the sequencer)

The hardware is very simple, and is based around an Arduino board that is using a bit-banging SPI technique to write data to a 100KΩ digital pot.


so, to learn more, just grab the schematics, source code and all that > link


Friday, February 01, 2008

Classical Chip Music

I remember a few years ago when I found a song performed by 7 C64:s. It was a cover by some “old classical composition” (in lack of better terminology). Unfortunately I didn’t really dig more deeply into this, until yesterday. It was programmed by Linus Åkesson in assembler to get rid of the boring, quantized timing found in most computer-developed music” as he puts it himself. I had never really made a connection between “classical” music and chipmusic before and this was a fresh eye-opener. Browsing through his website, it turns out that Linus Åkesson is a very interesting data boy. For example:

1) He created his own chip. Together with his demoscene crew Akesson made the actual chip that plays the sounds and music: The Hardware Chiptune Project (2007). In a few days they made a microcontroller (8 Mhz CPU, 8kb ROM, 2kb RAM), programmed the sound generator and the tracker-software to finally make the music. The result is something far less minimalistic than Tristan Perich’s 1-bit music (2006).

2) Åkesson made a melody search engine for the C64 music collection HVSC: SID Theme Search Engine. The HVSC contains most C64-songs ever released, and the fileformat is essentially open source - containing all instruments and notation. That is why Åkesson could generate a database with the notes from each channel of almost every C64-song - a process which took several days eventhough using an emulator.

But to get back to the “classical” music in SID-style. There are several compositions: Allt Under Himmelens Fäste originally by the legendary demoscener Mahoney, Romance originally by Chopin but now in SID+piano version and, Fratres originally by Arvo Pärt. There are even more but my favourite remains the 7xSID-song Förklädd Gud. The thing that gets to me is that it’s rare to hear chipmusic so carefully crafted. The sounds are 8-bit but the assembler dynamics of 7 SID chips (although emulated) makes it sound more like Wendy Carlos than Rob Hubbard. This is an interesting song to keep in your pocket when people blame chip music for being simplistic. So check out Åkesson’s website - there are lots of interesting projects and lots of information and downloads aswell.


via the wonderful chipflip

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