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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New revolutionary C64 music routine unveiled

A team of supertalented coders have managed to break the limits of C64 sound once again.

The Human Coding Machine from Germany and SounDemoN from Finland, have managed to create a music routine that allows you to have:

- 4 channels of 8-bit samplerate, digi playback
- 2 channels of SID synth sound
- You can filter both SID channels AND SAMPLES!
- And you have enough rastertime to not being forced to turn off the screen, and can actually do something with it ;)

This technique has been presented in the X'2008 demoparty, the bi-annual classic of the C64 scene where usually all barriers are broken and this one has been, fortunately, no exception!

The routine in question was demo'ed in the production VICIOUS SID (picture), which also included other crazy audio routines you can check out by following the attached link.

Beta testing of this software will start soon, a few artists have started to experiment with pre-beta versions of the tools, like Fanta, who made an amazing X'2008 SID music entry with his tune Fanta in Space, which you can check out by clicking here.

(this is the output straight from a Commodore 64, nothing added!)

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