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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bleepstreet Records is back!

After a few years pause, Bleepstreet is back with a new relocated team and new releases. The label was originally founded in 1998 by Johan Kotlinski, most known for making the LSDj software for Gameboy.

Apparently, a new batch of Bleepstreet releases are imminent, so if you are into "nu-chip" related music this is definitely the label to watch out for the next decade.

Bleepstreet released among other gems a true C64 classic, the first 7" vinyl by Goto80 called "Papaya EP". For the relaunch of the label, Bleepstreet released 2 Digital Maxi-Singles by Goto80 and Dr. Von Pnok, available to buy in most digital music stores.

Listen to this bonus track by Dr. Von Pnok, a real funky acid techno tune made entirely of C64 samples.

Dr. Von Pnok - Atomicity & Consistency by BLEEPSTREET Records


C64 SID Phase Accumulator and FPGA Tuning

In this video, Jeri Ellsworth explains the phase accumulators in the c64 SID sound chip. This technique was used in many early synthesizers and sound chips. Jeri Ellsworth is most known for creating the C64 DTV, the all in one joystick emulator in 2004. She is also responsible for designing the FPGA chip of the C-One, so I guess no more introduction is needed, enjoy this master lesson.

Use an FPGA to tune a secondary SID chip to give the C64 a pseudo stereo effect. This demo shows how you can play ordinary chip tunes as if they had stereo channel differences.

more videos
Jeri Ellsworth YouTube Channel

Commodore 64 SID 8580 Basic Sample Pack

Via littlescale comes a basic but handy C64 sample pack. The pack contains samples of every C and G note from C-2 to G 6 for the main basic waveforms of a Commodore 64 (8580 SID chip). The waveforms are triangle, sawtooth, pulse and noise. The duty cycle for the pulse wave was set to approximately 50%. The samples were recorded from C64 hardware directly using a custom designed interface.


download WAV or MP3 sample pack here.

More Soundchip Hacking: Realtime SID delay

The Norwegian composer Geir Tjelta has introduced a new trick for the SID-chip: realtime delay. The output of the third channel of the SID can be recorded, and by delaying the playback of the sample on the “virtual” fourth channel, you get a subtle echo. This routine doesn’t use much CPU-time either. A nice and elegant trick. Get the exe and mp3 here. It needs to run on the old 6581 chip, since this technique for playing samples relies on a bug that was almost fixed with the new 8580 chip.... Read more

via ChipFlip


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