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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Digi we were looking for...

A kind reader sent us yesterday one of the digitunes we were looking for ages ( see digitunes for your brain... ) It was probably 15 years ago the last time I heard this digi, when I stupidly sold my whole Commodore 64 setup + disk collection to a stranger... arrrghh.. whenever I think about it I hate myself...

The digi is sampled from Billy Idol's "Flesh For Fantasy" but I haven't got a clue of who sampled it into the 64, no credits , no graphics , nada... this is probably one of my biggest traumas of the Commodore 64 era.

Enjoy this Coldcut !

the real thing for the Commodore 64

recorded with an emulator - Thanks Darren!

just found out that it was done by Radwar. Check the release info. Read more about Playing digis on the 64: theory, SID internals, $d418 digis, and Pulse Width Modulation in the issue #20 from C=Hacking.

Illustration from To Be on Top


  • At Friday, December 16, 2005 4:06:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I sold my first c64, since I had another one, but I stupidly sold my programming manuals and all floppies, 1910(?) screen and floppie drive:(
    I shouldn't have done that.

  • At Monday, December 19, 2005 1:37:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Also, a Plus/4 version exists too:

  • At Tuesday, December 20, 2005 2:00:00 am, Blogger editor said…

    oh my chip! there are 253 Digis in the whole demo/digi section !!!! what's going on the plus4 digiscene ???

  • At Tuesday, July 11, 2006 10:30:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is crazy! Impossible to say the least...I was searching for this digi for ages...how to find a C64 demo which you don't know the title of, just a memory of the guitars?? Triggered by your caption "the digi we were looking for"....great!!


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