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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Ups...I missed this new Beta of SIDCONTROL, for those who never heard of SIDCONTROL, it puts a complete user surface to the HW-SidSynth in form of a VST-Plugin.

It's made for those Sid-Synth-owners that make music with the PC by using a VST-Host like FLStudio, Audiomulch, Logic or Cubase. It's usage is like a common VST-Synth but it produces MIDI-signals instead of audio. Because of that it does not eat much CPU. It has full MIDI functionality as you know it from other VST/VSTi's - no problem to link any slider or button to your MIDI-box or record some controller's data to the VST-Host's Automation-channel and import or export banks as *.fxb (instruments as *.fxp) file.

SIDCONTROL is no sysex-based Patcheditor like jsynth-lib and does not make any changes to your hardware-patches. All sound settings will be saved in your song-projects and are recallable when you open a song and start your VST-Host.

Latest changes :
Now it sends MIDI-Data on up to 4 channels simultaneously. Additionally it has a new keyrange-function. You can set up a Keyboard/Pianoroll key-range for every Channel, too. The 3 new buttons activate up to three additional MIDI-Channels to SidControls' main Output.

...I enhanced the patchselect-field but it has no good internal patches at the moment. Now you can switch all 128 external patches very comfortable....


a win98\2000\XP compatible PC with some Mhz and RAM.
a VST-Plugin compatible host-program
and (of course) your self-soldered Sid-Synth




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