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Saturday, July 01, 2006

More mods for the Prophet...

It seems like the Prophet is spreading the word of the SID, mods are appearing like clouds in the sky (uhh... feeling poetic).

The Commodore 64 AlphA Mod is totally integrated in the modern studio with lots and lots of modifications.. just check it out yourself and be amazed:

•Relocated power port
•Relocated internal RF modulator baord
•Separated audio(in/out)/video
•Converted composite video to S-video output (greatly enhanced quality) (64C only)
•Adapted Audio in/out to two standard ј” jacks
•Relocated and adapted serial port
•Hardwired DIN SYNC (Roland Sync) to Prophet64 user port specifications
•Added dedicated SYNC port.
•Added surface mount potentiometers hardwired to Control Port Paddles X1, Y1, X2, Y2
•Created type 1 PC LPT port to the Commodore serial bus conversion circuit inside of a DB25 connector shell to use PC as emulated 1541 floppy drive
•Added reset button in recessed location and additional accidental reset protection
•Minor cosmetic enchantments


Also, another smaller project is the Commodore M64 by 8GB . It basically rocks with a C64C/II motherboard replacement, direct hardwiring of 4 pots to the joyports, In-built LCD screen, 1/4 audio jack input/output, Keyboard overlay and a Power LED change ... black is always good. good work.

More info @ Prophet64 mailing list.

C64 Forever.



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