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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Synth Sample 2007

Do you remember the classic Synth Sample demo of 1984 ?? Well, check this one out found via CSDB!

Synth was written starting in 1983 and was used to create the Synth Sample demo. The demo got distributed and morphed into other forms by various people, but Synth itself was never released (ok an early version got leaked accidentally way back when but I don't think it's around now). So this is the first real release with some tweaks and bug fixes too minor to justify updating the copyright year (also the intro screen is old). I've been out of the C64 scene for years so please be kind... after Synth I wrote a MIDI version for C64 then got into bands and producing music using Logic, Cubase & modern virtual synths. I'll be telling the long version of the story at World of Commodore on Dec 1...
from the manual: SCL is the heart of Synth. It is a set of commands similar to a simple computer language which allows you to create sounds by controlling the SID chip. An SCL routine, which could represent a song or sound effect, is actually like three separate computer programs running simultaneously, one for each of the SID chip's three voices. SCL commands generally consist of a single letter 'opcode' followed by parameters. If a command longer than one character is used, it is taken as a disk filename and ensuing SCL commands are read from that file. Up to three levels of such macro inclusion are allowed...



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