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Friday, August 26, 2005

I simply like Tim....

Tim Bray is behind the insane micropunkpop that Casionova delivers, described as the ultimate in geek chic, CasioNova straps on 80's home electronics, such as casio keyboards and the commodore64 computer, and, well, erm, rocks out. Pure cheesecore.

In 1981 the Casio corporation produced the first portable home electronic keyboard- the VL-1, originally intended to be a calculator. In 1986 as a youth growing up in Gold Coast city, Australia, CasioNova purchased his first Casio keyboard, he intended to be a circus freak. Years later he realised that hitting the demo button on a casio was more entertaining than nailing his head to a piece of wood.

CasioNova's life is now dedicated to spreading his casiolove of DIY music-making and lo-tech autorythms around the world. CasioNova plays punkpop-electro ditties full of broken hearts, dinosaurs, space-men, lego and gratuitous references to Finland. His performance is filled with audience involvement, family slides, stupid stunts, way too many rock poses and of course everything you need to know about little toys that make a big noise.

The Casionova EP was released the 31st of January 2005 with the finnish label Metrotraks.

You can get it from Foryourears.com


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