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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Your 64 as a MIDI monitor

If you are not really using your Commodore right now, why not use it as a MIDI monitor for your studio ? Nothing beats a MIDI monitor on top of a rack, even if you never look at it. =)

MIDIMon displays the following data:
  • Interface type
  • Currently active channels (white)
  • Channels active since last screen reset (black)
  • Current tempo and song position
  • MIDI Time Code (MTC) - all formats
  • Active sense status
  • Realtime messages (Seq Start/Stop/Cont, etc)
  • Last Command (Status)
  • Realtime graphic and hex displays of
    • Pitch bend
    • Mod wheel
    • Volume
    • Pan
    • Channel pressure
    • Key velocity
    • Key pressure
  • Program change
  • Realtime keyboard
  • Patch select buttons (Ensoniq)
  • Pedal indicators (up/down/not used)
  • Hex display of last 128 MIDI events
  • Error status
The typical application might well be to simply start MIDIMon and let it run. There is extensive help built in, but the operation is pretty simple. The space bar clears the screen and resets the graphics. This is useful for finding specific activity. The channel messages can be displayed all together, or limited to any channel with a single keystroke.

isn't it cool friends ???



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