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Thursday, December 13, 2007

New CD Run 10: Commodore 64 goes classic

Hello folks, I received a review copy of the Run10 CD by the C64 Orchestra and I can only say good things about it!!

It is really a super beautiful production, a milestone in the C64 music history and it will even look incredible in your favourite shelf, so just go and grab yourself a copy !!! It's Hot!




Today will see the release of the CD Run 10 by the C64 Orchestra. This CD, named after a simple programming line in BASIC computer language, contains classical arrangements of 10 original game music scores for the Commodore 64 home computer, such as Delta High Score, International Karate en Cybernoid 2. The bonus CD contains the original game music plus a remix of Monty ON the Run; also there are files with the separate tracks of this piece, in order to enable listeners to create their own mix, plus interviews with the original composers Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel.

The Commodore 64 hit the market in 1983 and became the all-time best-selling home-computer with 30 million units. To many users it marked the transition from the classic board game to computer gaming. Initially existing classical music was used to accompany the games. Then 15-year-old Dutchman Jeroen Tel and Briton Rob Hubbard started, independently from each other, composing music for the games. In spite of the extremely limited memory capacity of 64 kilobytes, their compositions became so successful that both were hired by international gamemakers like EA Games. In the course of time both Tel and Hubbard have evolved into true cult heroes in the gamers’ world.

Upon hearing Tel’s and Hubbard’s compositions in 2006 the Deventer production company ON decided to have Rob Hubbard’s music for the Commodore 64 arranged for the C64 Orchestra, which consists of members of the Amsterdam Ricciotti Ensemble and which is conducted by Bas Wiegers.

The music on C64’s MySpace site quickly garnered innumerable rave reactions worldwide, from lovers of classical music, Commodore 64 aficionados and hot shots from the international DJ scene alike. Performances of the C64 Orchestra are accompanied by specially-made video animations by VJ The C-men, based on original images from the games.

The 2 CD boxset, created by Hotel (Nederlands Film Festival Utrecht, Brasserie Harkema, DuvelDuvel, Opgezwolle), was inspired by the original brown / creamy white colour of the original Commodore 64. The slot, through which cassette tapes loaded the games in the 1980s, holds C64’s CDs in 2007.

Run 10 will be available through your favourite retailer as of November 12th; on Saturday, November 17th, the C64 Orchestra will perform live in the Waaterstaats Church in Hengelo: the CD will be available there for the first time.

The C64 Orchestra is a joint project of Productiehuis Oost-Nederland (ON) and Micro Music Nederland; financial backing is provided by ThuisKopie Fonds, provinces Overijssel and Gelderland, the Dutch government and the municipality of Deventer. The CD Run 10 is released by Productiehuis ON, in cooperation with Rounder Records and NCRV Broadcasting Company.


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