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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Commodore 64 as a Drum machine

Now that I've made a little review about Alpha Drummer I want to collect a list of all the programs that allow you to use the Commodore 64 as a standard drum machine, note that I discount any SID tracker app... I don't want it to be able to create tunes, just beat sequences, and anyone without SID programming experience should be able to lay down some basic rhythms.

Pro-Drum v2.0

The winner should be Alpha Drummer because of it's sampling features, but because the idea is to start making beat patterns as quick as possible, Pro-Drum wins for me, released originally in 1988 by the Dutch USA Team and later improved by Antifan, it wins because of it's rock-solid timing and easy interface. Load it up and you will be able to instantly create 2 track sequences with it's preassigned electro era digi-samples. If it only had MIDI sync it would be a killer.

so, my first list of drum-machine like programs for the Commodore 64:
Do you know any more ?? Please let us know in the comments.

Update: I guess I forgot about Prophet64 that has the TR edition ? I will keep updating the list because I have to say that I found a couple more anyways...


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